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We are pleased to have you with us and hope that you find your new job rewarding and challenging. Kid Appeal Learning Center, Inc. is a growing company, and we feel that all of us have the opportunity to benefit. We want to maintain the benefits of our current environment as we expand and grow the company over the coming years.

To reach our goal we must provide superior service to our customers and this means employing the best people. As a member of the Kid Appeal Learning Center, Inc. team, you are critical to our success. Through your success, we can reach our goals.

Kid Appeal Learning Center, Inc. strives to create an exciting, challenging and rewarding work environment that allows you to flourish. We want you to build a long and successful association with Kid Appeal Learning Center, Inc and be a happy and productive member of our team. Through your dedication, creativity, perseverance, and efforts, our company will continue to grow.

Once again, welcome to Kid Appeal Learning Center, Inc. and our best wishes for success. We appreciate your confidence in our future. Let’s grow together.


Bruce E. Davis

Bruce Davis, CEO

Angela B. Davis

Angela Davis, Director

About Us

Kid Appeal Learning Center is a child care provider located in High Point, North Carolina. It is a licensed facility that received a five-star rating. Kid Appeal Learning Center specializes in early childhood education programs that promote learning and growth. The Center is operational every Monday through Friday only.

Our Mission Statement

Kid Appeal Learning Center will create a safe and nurturing environment within the community that also provides children with various learning experiences with special emphasis on … “Learning through Play”

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